Social Media Photo Booth Rental Chicago


Brands of all sizes benefit from live event photo activation marketing for the simple purpose of connecting directly with customers. From creating an experiential event to creating content that directly reaches your audience, focusing on photo marketing at your corporate event is crucial to building your brand’s presence.

As technology evolves, measuring the return on investment (ROI) is easier, as analytics is tied directly into your various marketing channels. When you create a photo marketing experience at your corporate event, you can track the success of your efforts easily.

Photo Marketing Activation, Analytics & ROI

Corporate events may incorporate social media photo booth stations and activation booths to tie in not only your branding and messaging, but to engage a generation of digital natives that can increase your overall reach and presence online.


Best of all, your photo booth experience is highly personalized and tailor-made to fit your goals. If you want to conduct surveys, host a contest, or collect email addresses for newsletters, your branded photo booth allows you to do that as part of the social experience of taking photos at your event. Gather information from your targeted audience in a secure environment that is seamless and accessible following your event.


Use your logo and other collateral as part of the options in your photo booth to give attendees something to talk about following the event. If your logo and name is in their images, they’re more likely to come back to your brand in their day-to-day life and remember the good times they had at your event. From product launches to trade shows, our social photo booth will help maximize your reach.

How it Works

Strike a pose

Photos are branded and uploaded to the web

User collects branded print
User shares photos or GIFS for the world to see